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KidSafe Program


Please read additional information regarding our KidSafe guidelines at the following USYA Youth Soccer website link here.

Heads Up Concussion Safety


Please read additional information regarding our Heads Up Concussion Safety guidelines at the following CDC website link here.

Coaches Quicksheet / Blank Practice Pan


Throughout the season, we will attempt to share helpful coaching plans, ideas, and more from this page.  To start with, please click the photo to the left to download our Coaches Quicksheet and blank Practice Plan.

Practice Plans

Here are a few practice plans that we have used over the past few seasons at KCSL.  These plans are specifically designed for 8 and 9 year old players.  You may need to modify the plans based on your team's age and skill level.  Simply click on the topic below to download the plan.


Dribbling 2

Dribbling to Beat an Opponent


Passing 2

Spacing & Separation

Other Resources


There are a number of other great resources on the internet for successful youth soccer coaching.  Remember, we want to get each player as many touches on the ball as possible during your practice, so choose activities that allow all players to be involved.  Remember to avoid the the "L's":  Lines, Laps, and eLimination.  Below are a few of the better resources I have found that might be helpful to you.



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